Emily Perez

“I needed help finding my next step in life. I had a dream since I was a child that I accomplished. But I realized that as an adult now, it wasn’t my dream anymore. I was so focused on achieving it that I didn’t realize for some time that it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. So I woke up one day and thought, what do I do now? I needed guidance to find a new passion and Theresa helped me to do just that.

I really enjoyed working with Theresa. She is incredibly knowledgeable, genuine, and dedicated. Not only was she encouraging, but she also provided tangible tasks to help me learn about myself. I discovered a project that will be a dream to live. And even though I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen I declared it anyway. And today, it is on the way to becoming a reality. The process for my project has unfolded before me in ways I never imagined. And I’m excited to see where the ride takes me.

Theresa is very dedicated and genuinely invested in helping you to see results. My life is changing and I will forever be grateful for it.”

Dawn Delavallade

“Her Life, Her Legacy has been like a breath of fresh air for both my personal mission and my business crusade. I was not even aware of how much help I needed until our first meeting. Theresa dedicates herself to you and your journey and aligns her vision for you with your own. She offers the right balance of support and push to help you accomplish your goals. She helps her clients understand that successfully narrowing your focus early in the process will broaden your success in the future! Theresa helped me to formulate and execute a plan to realize my dream of launching a non-fiction literary work into an enterprise to improve relationships. I highly recommend Theresa and Her Life, Her Legacy!”

Shereen Noor Ali
New York

“Theresa’s unique talents and skills were apparent from Day 1. On one hand, she has absolute command over ‘soft skills’ and can identify and nurture talent. She knows how to help people get to where they need to go by tapping into their inner motivations and strengths; in this way, she remains a tireless cheerleader for others. On the other hand, she’s a savvy business woman who can offer strategic services that people genuinely need. Theresa stands out in a crowd for her exceptional ability to balance utmost discipline in her work-life endeavors with an affability that remains rare in most.”

Ethel Smith

“I have been in the workplace for over a decade, and I thought I was on top of my professional game. After talking with Theresa I quickly realized I could use some assistance in order to help me continue to climb my organization’s ladder. I was eager to learn how to refine and polish my leadership skills in order to better manage and lead people. Theresa really got to know me. She helped me understand my strengths, how to grow from my weaknesses, and most importantly taught me how to embrace the teachable moments in everything I do! There were times when I wanted to throw in the towel and quit, but Theresa helped me realize that the challenging times were necessary in order for me to grow personally and professionally.

​Theresa makes certain that her students are well trained and ready to face and embrace any opportunities that come their way!”