The Best Advice I Received this Year


Have you ever attended an event where there was a keynote speaker who said something that made you feel as if you were the only person in the room and that person was ministering directly to you and only you? Well that happened to me a couple weeks ago while attending a half-day leadership conference at my MBA Alma Mater (Rollins College). It was a simulcast with leadership authority John C. Maxwell who was teaching some of the principles in his latest book, “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.”

Here’s the thing…I’ve understood the power of questions for quite some time, it was Dr. Rick who taught me that we lead with questions, not answers. And Tony Robbins who affirmed something along the lines of the quality of our life being directly related to the quality of the questions that we ask. Not just of others, but more importantly of ourselves. Translation: ask crappy questions of yourself and get crappy results – sorry couldn’t sugar coat that one :-)

So what was it that Mr. Maxwell said that had me sit up straight-er in my seat and really and truly ponder this statement as the best advice I’ve received in 2014.

Maxwell simply said…

“You’re one question away from an answer that will change your life.”

That was it.

I couldn’t believe it!

Just one question.

Only one question away from and answer that would change my life forever. Talk about powerful.

He then went on to say that questions actually unlock doors that otherwise would remain closed; and the greatest doors of opportunity are always locked. I’ll repeat that…the greatest doors of opportunity are always locked. And the only way to unlock these doors is to use the key of a great question.


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How to Reinvent Yourself with Jason Goldberg of MEometry

Jason Goldberg Headshot

What does an award-winning entrepreneur, former rapper (who opened for the Wu-Tang Clan) and previously 332lb man (who has since lost over 120lbs) have in common? Click here to find out:


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How to Unleash Your Inner DIVA (in just four steps!)

Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 017: How to Unleash Your Inner DIVA (in just 4 steps!)

24f9500cea0fb30Connect with Shalena
YouTube Channel:

In this episode, author, speaker and DIVA Academy Founder, Shalena DIVA shares her four step process to help you unleash your inner DIVA. She also riffs about the power of the words that we use, why having the courage to live your legacy is critical for future generations, and why you should be your own Shero.

You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Shalena’s quote to live by (a poem written by Shalena DIVA)


When I See You by When I see you, I see a world of possibility
When I see you, I see a world of second chances
When I see you, I see a future waiting to be fulfilled
When I see you, I see a future Queen

When I see you, I see a confident woman
When I see you, I see a strong woman
When I see you, I see a beautiful woman
When I see you, I see a future Queen

When I see you, I see brilliance
When I see you, I see resilience
When I see you, I see intelligence
When I see you, I see a future Queen

How could it be that I don’t know you, yet I see so much?
The answer is simple, but profound nonetheless

I see so much in you, because in you I see ME!

Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Shalena
*Click your favorite quote from Shalena to tweet it from the roof tops!

“Discover, Invest, Value and Appreciate your God given gifts and talents, and build your life around them.”

“Being a DIVA can help you leave a legacy.”

“The people whom you are meant to serve are going to be carbon copies of who you once were.”

“…the answer they’re seeking has been within them all along.”

Who’s your Shero?

I am my own Shero.

No one can convince you to change or become a better person except for you. If you become your own Shero it makes you more responsible for your happiness, for your well-being, for your overall health. The DIVA taught me how to encourage myself, and go after my dreams.

There is a crown just above your head, but you have to grow into it.
You are the queen. You write the script. You write your own story and hopefully you’re the leading lady in your story.

How would you define legacy?
What you would love to leave behind. But you can’t create your legacy unless you live it today.
Legacy is not selfish. When the future generations come along they will be able to learn from you. Legacy is about having the courage to live your life today and document it.

“We must excavate document our lives because if we don’t our existence will be like a relic something that is misunderstood.” — Opal Palmer Adisa

Shalena’s book recommendations

Best advice from Shalena
Really quiet the chatter in your mind. Quiet all the voices…and really learn how to become silent so that you can hear. You need to take time out every morning. Get quiet so that you can just hear yourself.

What Shalena is most excited about
My YouTube Channel. I’m really excited about the content I’ll be creating to help you deal with your inner woman.

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LTL 002: Finding Your GPS with Lisa Merlo-Booth

Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 002: Finding Your GPS with Lisa Merlo-Booth


Website: Straight Talk 4 Women
Facebook: click here
Twitter: @lisamerlobooth

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy Show I chat with relationship coach, speaker and blogger Lisa Merlo-Booth about finding and using your GPS (grounded powerful strength) in order to as Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Listen to the episode in itunes or simply click: here

Lisa’s quote to live by

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

Killer Sound Bytes/ Tweetables by Lisa Merlo-Booth

“Changing me changes we.”

“Everywhere in your life…women step up, step in, and own your power!”

“Ask for what you want. Don’t ask for what you think you’re going to get.”

“Walk in the world as though you are equal…because you are.”

Your GPS is about finding the middle. Stepping in with confidence, clarity and the power from within. It’s not power over. It’s about having enough compassion for yourself to stand up for yourself while also having compassion for the other person. Step into your power. Mean what you say. Say what you mean and back your words up with action. It’s not just about words…it’s about action.

Who’s your Shero?
Maya Angelou

How would you define legacy?
I would define legacy as your life print. It’s the ripple effect of your presence in this world that stays with the world long after you’ve left it.

My book recommendation
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
You should also check out her amazing Ted Talks on The Power of Vulnerability andListening to Shame

Best advice
Step into the arena and dare to figure out what that life print is that you want to leave in this world and dare to step in.

Your goal should be to be authentically you. Be yourself.

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It’s Really Happening! Podcast Launch Next Monday


Last Saturday, at the annual Florida Bloggers Conference, I had the privilege of hearing Pat Williams share his 10 foundational principles to living a fulfilling life. While all 10 of the principles resonated with me, his third principle: “Be specific in goal setting,” was incredibly timely and hit home on a personal level. With the launch of the “Let’s Talk Legacy” podcast (one of my short-term goals that I am sooooo incredibly excited about) debuting on Monday, September 30th — I figured it was time to go deep and let you in behind the curtain of Her Life, Her Legacy and well…me.

Theresa: (takes a deep breath and then exhales)

You ready?

Last December I set a big bold goal for myself for 2013. You know…the kind of goal that scares you a bit more than it excites you, but you go after it anyway. Determined to live a life of passion and purpose while doing work that matters, I embarked upon my personal hero’s journey. When I declared my goal, I did as the experts tell you to do and I put it in writing. In fact, my goal, “To become a full-time (paid) transformational leader (author, speaker and coach) by December 31st 2013,” is still written in dry-erase marker on the full-length mirror affixed to my bathroom door. This simple sentence serves as a continual reminder of what I am working diligently, patiently and persistently toward this year.

WARNING: this post is NOT about where I am in the process of realizing my big bold goal for 2013, this post is about you. All about you.

Did you set a goal or for 2013? Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution? What are you trying to accomplish this year and where are you in the process? Are you crushing it? Or did you fall off the wagon?

Are you living your legacy?

Lots of questions – I know. And probably quite irritating and/or overwhelming; especially, if you’re feeling lost in life, unfulfilled at work, or unsure of what you really want. If you are, do not worry, I can help you with that. I’ve been there before, and that’s a dark but necessary place many of us have to visit in order to find our own individual purpose and path.

But there’s great news!

It’s possible.

It’s possible for you to be, do, and have whatever you can dream. Seriously…it is.

How do I know it’s possible? Because I’ve seen my dreams (specific goals) begin to unfold before my eyes on what feels like a daily basis. But I didn’t create the Her Life, Her legacy community to just share my journey. This is much bigger than that. Like I said…this is about you. Having a place where you can cast your dreams out into the universe and then have all of the support and resources you need to inspire you to take action and help you live your legacy.

This is about your life.

This is about your legacy.


I told you it’s possible that you can live your dream; and not only have I experienced this, but so have each of the fantastic guests I’m interviewing for the “Let’s Talk Legacy” podcast. Incredible women like, Pam SlimVasavi KumarLauryn BallesterosDawn Delavallade and Natalie Currie just to name a few. I’m telling you. These women are amazing. In fact, all of the Let’s Talk Legacy guests are remarkable women who are living on purpose, and doing work that matters. They have each carved out 30 minutes of their time: to inspire women around the world to take ACTION towards living a life of passion and purpose — and to ultimately leave their legacy.

Oh, you want some of that action?

Then sign up here to be notified when the podcast is available for download, andBONUS, if you share this post via social media (and register to be notified that the podcast is available here) I will send you a sneak preview (yup! a full episode) of the “Let’s Talk Legacy” podcast on Friday, September 27th, as well as all 10 of Pat William’s foundational principles for living an amazing and fulfilling life.

Are you ready to live your legacy?

Let’s do this!


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