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LTL 006: How to Build a Career out of Your Passion

Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 006: How to Build a Career out of Your Passion

Meet Debbie!

Connect with Debbie
E-mail: debbie@debbiereber.com

In this episode, best-selling author Debbie Reber shares the three steps you can take in order to build a career out of your passion! As a bonus, she even gives a few practical tips for aspiring authors that will motivate you to take action and write the book that only you can write. She evens gets a little personal in how she explains that everything (good and bad) having happened in her life, has happened for a reason.

You can listen to this episode in itunes or here

Debbie’s quote to live by
“Everything happens for a reason.” – Unknown

Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Debbie Reber
*Click your favorite quote from Debbie to tweet it from the roof tops!

“I get to make everything that happens to me, mean what I want it to mean.”

“There is something positive to be gained from absolutely everything.”

“Nothing is happening to us, it’s happening for us.”

“It’s totally fine to be freaked out and scared. In fact, that’s a good thing.”

“We don’t take a wrong turn, we take the turn we were meant to take.”

Who’s your Shero?
I have many: Brené BrownGretchen RubinPam Slim and Oprah!

How would you define legacy?
I think of legacy as what we leave behind when we’re not here anymore. I think of it as the way that our presence and energy impacts everything.

My book recommendation(s)
Simon Sinek’s Start with Why
Watch Simon’s brilliant Ted Talk here

Best advice for aspiring authors
Just write it. You have something to say. You’ve been called to do that. No one else can write the book that you want to write. Go for it…Know that it’s a terrifying process…but you should definitely go for it.

Parting advice for all

  1. Believe in yourself and trust…that’s the energy you’re putting out into the Universe and that energy is rewarded
  2. Remind yourself that there are no mistakes
  3. Be kind to yourself

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