Tea + Purpose with Coach T & Carla Blumenthal

Carla Blumenthal

Connect with Carla

Website: http://www.teapluspurpose.com/

Twitter: @carlablumenthal

Facebook: Tea Plus Purpose

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy show, Coach T continues down the road to the inaugural Her Life, Her Legacy Live! 100 Amazing Women conference and this time she has an authentic, action-oriented conversation over tea with Tea + Purpose Founder Carla Blumenthal. In today’s episode Carla reveals:

  • How she cultivates radical authenticity via her Tea Plus Purpose events around the world
  • The two layers to authenticity
  • How our bodies are constantly communicating to us
  • How we can find freedom in discomfort and
  • Why discomfort precedes expansion

To learn more about Carla, check out her Tea + Purpose website and watch her moving Tedx talk below.



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