LTL 024: Why it’s Safe for You to Shine with Liz DiAlto


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In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy show women’s body and soul coach Liz DiAlto explains why diet and exercise alone are not enough. To get the results you’re looking for you’re going to have to honor your mind, body and soul. During this chat Liz also talks about: the benefits of combining mantra and movement, why self-acceptance has to come before self-improvement, why you are an artist and your work is your art, why she is her own guru, and how to stop playing small. Are you ready to shine?

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Liz’s quote to live by 

“When you are committed to feeling the way you want to feel, you become less attached to the form those things show up in.” – Danielle LaPorte

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“Self-acceptance has to come before self-improvement.” – Liz DiAlto

How would you define legacy?

It’s what you leave behind.
It’s the way you’ve touched other people that allows them to go out and do their thing.

Who is your Shero?
Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte were BIG mentors/influencers of mine. But then I realized that when I put people on pedestals I was putting myself below them. I couldn’t expand and step into my own power if I was constantly putting others on pedestals. I’ve decided to be my own guru.

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Liz’s book recommendation(s)
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

What Liz is pretty excited about?
The 2xOne Method that will be fully launching in May that integrates mind, body & soul through movement. Sign up here to be notified when registration opens:

Parting Advice from Liz
Give yourself the permission and embody this mantra. “It is safe for me to shine.”

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Liz’s Short Bio
Liz DiAlto is a women’s body & soul coach, speaker, and writer, on a mission to help millions across the globe fall in love with their bodies and connect to their higher selves through movement.

She is the founder of the Soul Movement Salon, a thriving private Facebook community where women come together to have transparent conversations about all things body, mind and soul

She is also the founder of The 2xONE Method, which is a is a 50 minute movement experience incorporating yoga, meditation, bodyweight interval training and sensual movement.
She’s been featured on in Shape, SELF, Marie Claire, New York Magazine and contributes for The Daily Love and US News and World Report.


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