LTL 011: Dodging Death to Living Legacy with Cathy Olson!

Let’s Talk Legacy Episode 011: Dodging Death to Living Legacy with Cathy Olson!

Meet Cathy!

I’m a wife, a mom, and a small business owner of Love-Inspired, a graphic and web design studio in Sunny San Diego, California. I’ve been a professional designer for 13 years and for 5 years Love-Inspired has allowed me to create beautiful, unique, and authentic brands and sites for creative businesses. I share my experiences on the Design Life Project, and teach e-courses to help others to: focus on what matters, love the people around you, find your passion, leave a legacy that you are proud of, and go to bed at night with a big ol’ smile on your face… regardless of the day’s circumstances, knowing you did a job well done.

Connect with Cathy!
Website link:
Twitter: @loveinspired 

In this episode, Cathy shares her story about how surviving an extremely rare surgery (the removal of a very rare tumor) was the catalyst for her choice to live her legacy in every moment of every day. She shares: how continuously refining our life and work leads to happiness and success, how to find balance through customization, and even reveals the most significant lessons learned from dodging her own death. In the end, Cathy challenges us all to live and LOVE fully each and every day– as if it truly were our last.

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Cathy’s quote(s) to live by

“Thoughts make things possible but action makes them real.” –  Ralph Marston

Killer Sound Bytes/Tweetables by Cathy
*Click your favorite quote from Cathy to tweet it from the roof tops!

“Jump in headfirst and then figure it out later.”

“If the past has taught me anything, it’s that I’m constantly evolving.” 

“Helping people is the ultimate purpose.”

“Every day is a gift.”

“Anything that makes you feel less than, just get rid of it.”

“Getting stuck in traffic is a blessing.”

Who’s your Shero?
Lara Casey because she’s so encouraging. She’s open about the struggles that she’s been through and she just loves on her clients.

How would you define legacy?
It’s the imprint that we make on someone else’s heart and soul.

My book recommendation(s)
One Month to Live by Kerry Shook

Best advice 
Step away from anything that makes you feel less than. It’s not always about adding things in our lives it can also be about subtracting. Anything that makes you feel less or worse about yourself or negative just get rid of it. Really simplify. Fill up your days with things you really love.


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