Tea + Purpose with Coach T & Carla Blumenthal

Carla Blumenthal


What’s Tea + Purpose?

I’m glad you asked.

To learn more, there’s someone I want you to meet. Carla Blumenthal is the founder of Tea + Purpose and one of my newest, nearest, and dearest soul sisters who gets it. She is someone who understands that true transformation and growth as a leader of ourselves, can only happen in a safe space, where we’re willing to show up as our most authentic self and begin to ask and answer life’s questions. The questions that get us clearer on: who we are, what we really want as well as what makes us more alive and more aligned. Tea + Purpose was created to satisfy that craving you get in your belly when you are hungry for the next level of your life and seeking that spark that happens when empathetic and amazing women start talking about all that good stuff. While Carla won’t be joining us at our local Orlando Tea + Purpose event (she’s rockin’ Teas all over New York), you can meet her right now as today, this amazing woman graces the airwaves of the let’s talk legacy show to reveal

  • How she cultivates radical authenticity via her Tea Plus Purpose events around the world
  • The two layers to authenticity
  • How our bodies are constantly communicating to us
  • How we can find freedom in discomfort and
  • Why discomfort precedes expansion

Click Carla’s picture above to listen to this beautiful interview, and if you’re in or near the Orlando area and would like to join me and a handful of amazing women for tea on Sunday, August 30th – complete our contact form and simply say, “Let’s have tea Coach T!” include your email address and I will personally send you the details where you can register. Space is limited for our Orlando Tea + Purpose event so contact me ASAP if you want in.

Sound good?


Now grab a cup of tea and get ready to hear from this amazing and heart-centered, leader, founder, coach, Tedx speaker and my friend, the world changer and transformational leader who gets it done over tea…Ms. Carla Blumenthal.

Click Carla’s picture above to listen now.

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The Art of (Self) Leadership with JG! – Yes…he’s back!

Jason Goldberg Headshot

In preparation for the inaugural Her Life, Her Legacy Live! dynamic leadership development conference/event (aka 100 Amazing Women) we are kicking things off with this special summer series of incredible podcasts to give you a little taste of the type of concepts we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and playing with this fall at the live event.

Now if you know anything about me, you know that while I think inspiration is great – I’m in the business of influencing positive change in the lives of everyone that I serve. So the name of the game with these episodes, as well as the live event here at the Orlando Museum of Art (October 2015), is going to be all about transformation. So get ready!

First on the mic is my friendtor (friend + mentor) Mr. Jason Goldberg (aka JG), founder of MEometry.com (yup – he’s back!) and JG was so generous in giving us a sneak peek into some of the powerful concepts that will be released in his guaranteed to be a best-selling book, “The Art of (Self) Leadership.”

If you are a leader anywhere in your life (Hint: if you’re reading this, I hate to break it to you, but you’re a leader :-) )  then you’re going to want to take a listen, take notes, and if it moves you… take action! It will be incredibly hard not to take action, once you know how to ACT. To find out what “ACT” stands for you’re gonna have to take a listen. You’re also going to have to listen to find out exactly why “your intuition is drunk.” I can barely type that without laughing.

Alright my friends click on JG’s pic to tune in and get ready to be showered with wisdom. Oh and if this served you on your self-leadership development journey then be kind and share the wisdom with another amazing leader you know.

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The Best Advice I Received this Year


Have you ever attended an event where there was a keynote speaker who said something that made you feel as if you were the only person in the room and that person was ministering directly to you and only you? Well that happened to me a couple weeks ago while attending a half-day leadership conference at my MBA Alma Mater (Rollins College). It was a simulcast with leadership authority John C. Maxwell who was teaching some of the principles in his latest book, “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.”

Here’s the thing…I’ve understood the power of questions for quite some time, it was Dr. Rick who taught me that we lead with questions, not answers. And Tony Robbins who affirmed something along the lines of the quality of our life being directly related to the quality of the questions that we ask. Not just of others, but more importantly of ourselves. Translation: ask crappy questions of yourself and get crappy results – sorry couldn’t sugar coat that one :-)

So what was it that Mr. Maxwell said that had me sit up straight-er in my seat and really and truly ponder this statement as the best advice I’ve received in 2014.

Maxwell simply said…

“You’re one question away from an answer that will change your life.”

That was it.

I couldn’t believe it!

Just one question.

Only one question away from and answer that would change my life forever. Talk about powerful.

He then went on to say that questions actually unlock doors that otherwise would remain closed; and the greatest doors of opportunity are always locked. I’ll repeat that…the greatest doors of opportunity are always locked. And the only way to unlock these doors is to use the key of a great question.


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How to Reinvent Yourself with Jason Goldberg of MEometry

Jason Goldberg Headshot

What does an award-winning entrepreneur, former rapper (who opened for the Wu-Tang Clan) and previously 332lb man (who has since lost over 120lbs) have in common? Click here to find out: http://herlifeherlegacy.com/podcast/how-to-reinvent-yourself-with-jason-goldberg/


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2 Words that will Change Your Life with Christi Davis

Christi Surfing

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Legacy show Coach T sits down with Commercial Real Estate V.P Christi Davis to discuss the power of two little words: Thank You. Learn how saying “No,” the economic downturn, and listening to that still small voice changed Christi’s life and how it can change your life too.

Click here to take a listen: http://herlifeherlegacy.com/podcast/ltl-32-2-words-that-will-change-your-life-with-christi-davis/

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